Essay on The Solar System

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The universe was once a vast uncharted area; an area of the unknown. People looked up to the sky in wonder and awe, curious as to what was beyond Earth. What were those lights in the sky? Where did they come from? How did they get there? As time has passed, the universe made up of stars and planets has evolved. What we did not know before, we know now, our cosmos has changed immensely, transforming into what we now call our solar system. Before people had the knowledge and technology we have today, the heavenly skies were an area of endless speculation and inspiration. People from all around the world created their own myths and explanations about the cosmos and the celestial bodies within it. Roughly six thousand years in the past, the …show more content…
The Greeks had known that the North Star appeared to be higher on the northern empyrean and lower in the southern region. Aristotle further explained this precisely with the parallactic shift that would occur when advancing amid two points of observation on a spheroidal object. The Greeks then presented the heliocentric system by the Pythagoreans and Aristarchus of Samos (ca. 270 BC). However, Aristotle disregarded the Greeks proposition. Aristotle’s influence on the discoveries of the universe were very eloquent. Roughly around the time of 150 AD, Claudius Ptolemaeus otherwise referred to as Ptolemy, further embellished the ideas of Aristotle into a complete model of the cosmos. Ptolemy thought that Earth remained stationary in the center of the universe. He then proposed that the Sun, stars, and all of the planets revolved around Earth in annular orbit. The model was then sometimes referred to as the geocentric model. “Ptolemy was aware that the postulation of perfect circular orbits contradicted observation, because the planets' motion, size and brightness varied with time. To account for the observed deviations, he introduced the idea of epicycles, smaller circular orbits around imaginary centers on which planets were supposed to move while describing a revolution around Earth.” ("The Universe.") This allowed

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