The Search For Meaning in How to Tell a True War Story, and Into the Wild

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Life is a series of questions that people strive to answer through desperate endeavors to put some value and meaning behind their existence and purpose. However, it has been a mystery as to how to achieve those answers. A popular misleading belief is that the answers to life’s questions begin from answering the biggest question of them all “Who am I?” To discover the answer to this and all other questions, people use the assistance of others around them. Interacting and forming relationships with others allows one to not only to get to know those people, but also discover him/herself in that process. Writer Robert Thurman would agree with the notion of the crucial necessity of humans to be interconnected with their community and …show more content…
The self is associated with many misconceptions that hinder people from really discovering what the self is. People set out on long exhausting quests to discover themselves, believing that they hold within them a single identity that makes them different and sometimes, even greater from everyone else. This was the misconception that weaves its way throughout Krakauer’s story, and Krakauer does nothing to dismiss it. Instead, he strives to define McCandless’ identity, being ignorant to the idea that McCandless does not have to have one set identity, but can be free to be more than just one permanent personality. However, Krakauer fails to see that, clearly being just as blinded by this existing misconception as McCandless. Krakauer along with his colleagues, keep trying to define McCandless and keep changing their judgment on him rather than acknowledging the concept of selflessness. Krakauer quotes his friend Roman’s judgment of McCandless:
When I first started coming to Alaska, I think I was probably a lot like McCandless: just as green, just as eager. And I’m sure there are plenty of other Alaskans who had a lot in common with McCandless when they first got here too, including many of his critics… Maybe McCandless reminds them too much of their former self. (221)
Krakauer again does

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