The Risk of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Genetically modified foods are completely different from the modern agriculture foods. The genetically engineered food involves artificially manipulating the seed, or food animal, at the cellular level. This technique allows to inserts DNA of one type of organism to be placed in that of another, it allows for the crossing of natural barriers in ways never before imagined. In this article, author mentions that the “60 percent of processed foods in the United States have some GE ingredient and over 70million acres have been planted with these crops”(Mendelson,149). Today, there is no way that you are eating the fresh and natural food including fruits, vegetable or any other processed food. The menu of the unlabeled GE foods includes …show more content…
The genetic insertion creates the added possibility that formerly nontoxic elements in the food could become toxic. According to the article, “the FDA has already concluded that genetic engineering was possible cause of 37 deaths and 1,500 disabling illnesses caused by consumption of the dietary supplement L-tryptophan”(Mendelson,153). Secondly, the GE foods are the biggest risk of the allergic reactions in the Americans. It increases the levels of the allergy causing proteins that found in the plant. This clearly tells that what we are eating is not natural and pure anymore. Everything is modified with the animal DNA inserts and the injected vectors.
The GE foods leading to the risk of making disease-causing bacteria resistant to the current antibiotics, which is leading to high spread of infections and diseases. According to the BMA (British Medical Association) mentioned that “there should be a ban on the use of antibiotic resistance marker genes in GE food” (Mendelson, 157). The antibiotic resistance can cause the risk to the human health. The microorganisms can cause many type of diseases and which can be deadly. The genetically engineered foods are the source, which leads to the immune system suppression in human beings. The studies have shown that these engineered foods in animals shows the valid results of immunosuppression. The scientific data from the research shows that the engineered foods

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