The Rift in Society Essay

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The “city life” has changed its meaning throughout the course of history. When cities were first developed they were the epicenter of the community, packing residents, workers, and buildings all into one cohesive unit. City life had the most desirable aspects of living, the readiness of anything at hand, the ability to become close with one’s neighbor, and the relationships to the street. When cities were first being designed only the wealthy lived within the city limits because work was just a simple walk from the home. The only mode of transport was with either one’s own two legs or a horse and carriage; this made traveling long distances extremely difficult. Therefore, in order for a basic city to strive, its occupants had to generate a …show more content…
Kunstler decries everything about automobiles stating that, “cars are evil” referring to their avid destruction of the relationship between the people and the planet. As I stated earlier cities used to be inhabited by the wealthy, but now they are inhabited by the poor. The advent of the car allowed people to travel long distances with relative ease, making a commute to a workplace a much easier task than it has ever been before, so as the wealthy acquired cars, they moved further and further away from the heart of the city. These people created the suburbs where nobody was self-sufficient and everything had to be imported and shipped into the town. This also created a massive influx of low-income housing popping up within the city since the poor were now being forced out of the rural areas and into the cities by the wealthy. The city life turned from a pleasant experience to an urban ghetto, filled with people who were either too poor or without a vehicle. The city flip-flopped from a sustainable utopia, to a dried up ghost town. However, what actually destroyed the fabric of the city? Was it the exodus of the wealthy, the integration of the suburb –to-work transit, or was it the domination of the city by the roads themselves? Things like suburbs and parking lots combined with superhighways lead to the desolate landscapes that are seen across America today.

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