The Pride of Blue Springs: The Blue Springs Cemetery Essay

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An unmistakable crisp smell of fall hangs in the air. The old, iron fence can be seen by anybody on the road, as the sound of gravel sounds under visitors’ shoes. People can feel a strange sense of peace and calmness as they look at loved ones. Surprisingly this is the typical setting of the Blue Springs Cemetery. The cemetery not only serves to contain deceased loved ones, but also as a symbol of pride to the Blue Springs and surrounding community. The Blue Springs Cemetery, a Gage County Landmark, has a rich history, and is an important part of community pride and service. The Blue Springs Cemetery is in the town of Blue Springs, Nebraska, located in the Southeast corner of the state (Everson and Petersen). Blue Springs is …show more content…
These two acres of the cemetery are today, referred to as the “Original Section” of the cemetery(Petersen, Minute Book). Citizens of Blue Springs wanted to be sure that they were given an opportunity to help with the Blue Springs Cemetery. On May 16, 1982 people living in Blue Springs and the surrounding area gathered in Roderick’s Hall in order to organize a cemetery association(Petersen, Minute Book) This association was, and still to this day, is known as “The Blue Springs Cemetery Association (Petersen, Minute Book).” A committee of five citizens, namely James H. Cassebeer, Mrs. A.C. Miover, Miss Anne Craig, E.H. Burington, and W.W. Wright were appointed to draft the constitution and by-laws (Petersen, Minute Book). Surprisingly, the original Articles still remain in effect, with very few revisions (Petersen, Minute Book). In earlier years, meetings were held scheduled annually for the second Tuesday in March (Petersen, Minute Book). Meetings were usually held in the homes of association members, until 1928 when the Blue Springs City Hall was built (Petersen, Minute Book). All association meetings were held here until 1979, when the City Hall was rendered unusable by fire, and from then on all meetings occur in the Blue Springs United Methodist Church Basement (Petersen, Minute Book). The by-laws of the association require that nine persons are

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