The Positive and Negative Impacts of Migration in Mumbai. Essay example

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IIntroduction: Mumbai is in India. It is the largest and most populous city in this country. A lot of people from different places move there for finding jobs, improve the conditions of life. This essay seeks to investigate the positive and negative impacts of migration in Mumbai. The essay will begin with consideration of city’s economy and finish with research of social inequality.


The positive factor of migration is development economy. Mumbai is considered as an industrial, financial and commercial center. In the city there are industries such as the textile, petroleum, automotive, food, machinery, metals and electronics. In this city the largest industrial conglomerates are located such as Godrej, Aditya Birla
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(“WORK STATUS AND JOB SATISFACTION AMONG FEMALE MIGRANTS IN INDIA”) 44.8% of male migrants work in factories and in industries. Nearly 16, 5% of people work in construction. They work as carpenters. ( Migration Studies Unit Working Papers) It clear demonstrates that majority of migrants do non-height pay work, they do not take job in big organization and earn not so much. They do works which other citizens do not want. People just look for an opportunity to find a job here, which allow them to live in prosperity. Mumbai has maintained high growth rates in recent years. So migration is significant factor, which affects the economic development of Mumbai. However, migrants are cause of a negative impact on the city. As they lead to competition between the migrants and residents. They cause competition for jobs. To complement not all migrants work legally and pay no taxes. All this is to the detriment of the economy of Mumbai. So migrants are not only rice of development and also they are negative influence on economy.


The negative fact of migration is social inequality. In Mumbai there are big gap between rich and poor people. The contrasts in living standards are of a magnitude not seen anywhere else in the country. Two distinct cities exist within one. (Sandeep Ashar) The territory of Mumbai divided in to 2. One of them is city, where live people who have enough money. Second Dharavi is a slum area in Mumbai, where live over

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