The Importance of Weather in Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

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In this book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the weather plays a very important role in the lives of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. The rain and or lack of rain demonstrate how much this tribe depends on the weather for their survival. It also affects them in several different ways such as their emotions, physical world, and the spiritual or religious world.

The weather in this novel controls their crops and the river flow; which controls their food and water supply. They depend on adequate rainfall to help their crops to grow and for the river to be full. They also depend on the sun to warm things up and make the crops grow. However, if there is too much rain or too much sun it can cause many problems, such as a drought or a flood.
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The weather also reflects the changing moods of the tribe. It can be harsh and angry, but also gentle and soothing. The writer uses the variations in the weather to represent the changing moods of the Igbo people. During the rainy seasons the villagers are fearful for their crops and also sad about thoughts of losing them. The droughts scare and frighten them. The villagers also experience a sense of peace in knowing that they have enough food for the coming months. As they drift off to sleep each night; listening to the gentle soothing sounds of the nature surrounding them; they experience a peaceful sense of tranquility.

The Physical world of the Igbo people is greatly impacted by the changing weather; given that the tribal society is so closely related to agricultural. The main character, Okonokwo, loses his first crop to a drought. Then, later in the novel, the rains wash away his and most of the other villager’s harvests. In the same respect; the good weather brings life and abundance.

In the lives of this tribe; the goddess, Ani, plays an important role. Ani controls the rain and therefore, their crops. Okonokwo does several things in the novel that are seen as angering the goddess. The first happens when he beats his youngest wife during the week of peace. For this infraction, he must give a nanny goat, a hen, and also pay a fine. The second happens when he accidentally killed one of his clansmen and as a result was

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