The Importance of College Writing in a Digital Age Essay

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The Importance of College Writing in a Digital Age

In the ever changing and evolving society we live in, new tools and techniques in education are being developed everyday.

Debates on how a subject such as college writing should be taught is a multi-angled argument encompassing all sorts of opinions. Should college writing be taught and how? If we teach it, what should its main goals be? These are the questions that seem to have too many answers. Statistics, facts, research, and history will help us find those few, specific answers. I believe the goals of college writing should be to enhance a student’s literacy with the involvement of all forms of technology in a multicultural environment. A student must understand all
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Hairston also believes that a strong focus on student experience is needed. Hairston writes, “They are our greatest multicultural resource, one that is authentic, rich, and truly diverse” (180). The way she illustrates the values of the student body is phenomenal. She makes it seem like it is the primary melting pot of all cultures. I believe college writing in this setup will help us to articulate and understand different experiences. It will also help us to see that the world is viewed differently by so many different eyes. Hairston explains, “In order to communicate with others, we must learn to see through their lenses as well as try to explain to them what we see through ours” (182). Hairston is suggesting the underlying point of multiculturalism. That is to understand the people around us, express our own views, and eventually come to a particular set of beliefs. These beliefs are only derived from exposure to and interaction with a diverse society. Over and over again, people have opposed the argument of multiculturalism. In Thomas J. Bray‘s editorial for The Detroit News, “Memorial Day and Multiculturalism,” bilingual education is a major focus. Basically, Bray is against it. Bray equates bilingual education with the multicultural movement. He says, “At bottom, it’s a referendum on multiculturalism, the ideology that sees Anglo-Saxon culture as just one among many ”valid” cultures -- at best.” (par.9). I do not agree with

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