The Impacts of Opioids Essays

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There are many drugs in the world today, supporting both positive and negative results. One that has gained popularity, especially in the recent years is Opioids. Opioids are derived by opium. Opium is a gummy substance collected from the seed of the opium poppy that grows in southern Asia. Opioids are considered the parent of all narcotic drugs and it contains 20 different drugs offering morphine like effects (Bergman, 2011) (David Capuzzi, 2008). Their use and abuse dates back to ancient times and are among the oldest known powerful pain relievers (Steven A. Adelman, William J. Meehan, 2010). Opioids are a depressant, which slows down the part of the brain that controls breathing (David Capuzzi, 2008). It is also known to worsen …show more content…
Codeine is also narcotic, and this common opioid that has been administered for a long as we can remember. It is prescribed cautiously for acute or chronic pain resulting from surgery, disease or injury, and could give a feeling of euphoria “a high” as well as a degree of sedation (Bergman, 2011). When your endorphins levels are high you feel euphoric. Narcotics produce the same affect, but with side effects. When using, only a few of the minority feel good or truly well however, drug abusers only feel well to the thanks of their non-medical - non-therapeutic use.
With many prescription drugs, they carry some risk and they include side effects such as constipation, nausea and drowsiness (Canada, 2009) (, 2011) (David Capuzzi, 2008). When prescribed opioids by registered medical practitioner the individual does not experience “a high”, it could prove to be a successful and effective pain management alternative (Canada, 2009). The concern today for medical practitioners is the illegal distribution or it’s usage. When opioids are used chronically, tolerance and dependence can occur and the side effects differ depending on the substance, as does the abuse potential (, 2011) (Steven A. Adelman, William J. Meehan, 2010; Bergman, 2011). Combining or improper use of opioid medication with other prescription medication could be fatal (CAMH, 2010) (Canada, 2009) (Bergman, 2011). Double doctoring refers to individuals

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