Essay on The Golden Age of Athens

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Greece’s Golden Age can be defined as a time of flourishing. Athens made the important decision of splitting itself from Sparta, who they constantly differed with. “It is from this split that the Athenian Empire was created” (Hunt 80). This split illustrates the certainty that the Athenians possessed in terms of creating a better nation. Athens developed an empire because democracy was expensive. In order for democracy to be created, you need an empire to raise money. Both Sparta and Athens created different leagues in an effort to intensify their dominance. The Delian League, which was the league Athens was associated with, continued to thrive. This allowed them the opportunity to create a democratic nation in which the people were …show more content…
They were able to focus on setting goals and achieving them. Pericles worked hard to establish a democratic nation that worked in favor of the people. A nation that took into consideration the rights of the people. Pericles is credited with the incredible advances that Athens experienced during its Golden Age. He excelled in many fields and was even viewed as a military genius. In Pericles’ The Funeral Oration, he addresses a number of topics concerning Athens and the Athenian people including: the democratic system, lifestyle, military success, and the Athenian warriors. He spoke about Athens’s forefathers and showed his gratitude towards their accomplishments. He believes that it is essential to admire them because they took part in the developing nation of Athens. Their achievements will allow the Athenians to appreciate Athens more. Pericles then goes on to address the democratic system of the Athenian government. The laws that are set in place are unique. They provide the people with the freedom they deserve while punishing those who act immorally. People are able to live a liberal life without government interference. However, the people of Athens know how to conduct themselves in society. It is crucial that these laws are followed for order to be maintained. Pericles then addresses the typical Athenian lifestyle. He refers to the luxurious life of the Athenian people which is primarily

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