Essay on The Fur Trade Era of the 1800s:

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Could you imagine going school clothes shopping, walking into Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister, and seeing a normally 60 dollar sweatshirt for about 200 dollars? Well this is what it was like for the people who were also into the popular clothing back in the 1800s where fur was “the thing”. Due to the furs’ amazing qualities, the poor animals were over hunted because there were no game management laws. The beaver and otter furs were in such a high demand that their population went down and the competition went up. The conflict could’ve been avoided if game management laws had been set in place.
In the middle and towards the end of the fur trade era, about 1805, the price for a fur pelt was very expensive. The high prices were caused by
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All these qualities were good for men and women; the men for staying dry and warm when working hard and the women for looking beautiful. When the fur trade was just beginning, a single pelt cost around 35¢ (about $2 today). Not to expensive? Well as the demand went up the prices per pelt went up too, and remember that it took more than one pelt to make a jacket. (EH.Net Encyclopedia: Fur Trade)
One of the most successful fur companies was the Hudson Bay Co. They sent enough furs over seas to the European and Asian countries to make 576,000 hats! The Hudson Bay Co. was founded by the British man, Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson found the bay that was named after him (Hudson Bay). This is also where his company was established and named. The Hudson Bay Co. was one of the first real big successful fur companies. For a long time the British had their foot in the door of the fur trade. I say for a long time because there were times that they lost it but usually got their foot right back in.
(Bailey, p. 57-58)
In fact most of the high demand places like Europe and Asia that bought the fur bought it from the Hudson Bay Co. The Hudson Bay Co. exported goods to many different countries and was really the first big fur exporter.
For the most part the competition between the trappers themselves and the companies was insane. The British man Henry Hudson like I stated before is the founder of the Hudson Bay Co. The Scots’ started their

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