The Epic of Gilgamesh Essay

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It is difficult for us to correctly analyze a piece of literature from a time before the development of writing or language. This recorded piece truly identifies what it means to be a part of Sumerian culture and is not only daunting, but insightful. “For there is nothing eternal on Earth.” I perceive this quote spoken by Utnapishtim not as words recorded in history but inhabited in time. In terms of Sumerian culture, it’s easy for our perception of their belief to be misinterpreted. Especially when we look at the way religion is so controversial to this day. Religion played a vital role in their culture as it does in modern society. In “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” we found a story primarily based around the establishment of the city of …show more content…
What did he do as a noble king? How was he a victorious warrior? In my opinion, Gilgamesh was a tyrant. He was very persistent in his endeavors and journeys, but none-the-less he was always heroic. Many in today’s time might view him as a dictator. Many others would say that he was a vicious manipulator that would use true heroes like Enkidu to be perceived as victorious in slaying Humbaba. More or less, we can conclude that Gilgamesh was a truly heroic warrior that paid his time on Earth renowned as a builder, warrior, and a noble ruler. When I think of Gilgamesh as a ruler, I immediately transfer my focus of thesis to the government that existed in the city of Erech. Obviously in modern times we’d see this system as a dictatorship. Some libertarians might think otherwise. However, it’s evident that Gilgamesh ruled with an iron fist. Erech was a city enthroned with kings and queens. In ancient Mesopotamia this pertains to the earliest of Sumerian governments. Even though we saw Gilgamesh as a dictator, it appeared to me that he accepts defeat, adventure, and a challenge; but at the same time he shows no mercy. In this story, Gilgamesh begins as an oppressive king. Erech had far too much government; Therefore, Heaven decided to send Enkidu to distract Gilgamesh from oppressing his people. So we can conclude that Gilgamesh was a glorified ruler

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