The Difference Between Internet Gaming Addiction and Excessive Internet Gaming

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Ko, Liu, Yen, Yen, Chen and Lin (2012) stated the “Internet is one of the most important communication and social interaction media in modern life.” Of course, too much of a good thing has always been a risk as Tuncay Ayas (2012) reported that “Internet addiction can be roughly defined as the inability of resistance for using the Internet excessively, seeing the time spent outside the virtual environment as a loss of time, being very furious and aggressive when deprived of, deteriorating of the person’s work, social and family life.” Kuss, Griffiths and Binder (2013) considered Internet gaming addiction one of an array of disorders included under the heading of Internet addiction.
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Tuncay Ayas (2012) found a direct correlation between online gaming and shyness. According to the study, shy students used the Internet and Internet gaming to attain a social life they would otherwise not have due to their shyness. Wei, Chen, Huang and Bai (2012) showed a positive correlation between the hours spent gaming weekly with addiction. Wei et al, also showed the severity of addiction could lead to more functional impairment such as failure to meet work or home obligations as well as decreased real world socialization and recreational activities.
Ko, Liu, Yen, Yen, Chen, Lin (2012) reported that Internet gaming addiction affected the pleasure centers of the brain much as nicotine affected the brains of smokers. They argued this led to cravings the same as a cigarette craving for a smoker. They also reported that Internet gaming addiction affected eastern and western population without regard for age.
Ng and Wiemer-Hastings (2005) argued that the type of online game actually contributed to the online gaming addiction. They argued that massively multi-player online roleplaying games are the most addictive due to the in-game reward system as the social aspect of these games appealed to the basic needs for socialization and acceptance. They also informed us that in the early days of Internet gaming addiction the stereotypical addict was a male introvert but that just ten years later, the most prevalent group were middle-aged women on their home

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