Essay The Crisis in Ukraine

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If anyone has watched the news in the last year, I am sure they have heard something about Ukraine and Russia. This is not the first time these two countries have been in the news. According to a recent article about Ukraine’s history published by BBC News, Ukraine is a fairly new country. Ukraine was a part of Russia until the end 1991when Ukraine voted to become independent from Russia (“Ukraine Profile – Timeline”). This separation from Russia made Ukraine the second largest country in all of Europe (“Ukraine Profile – Overview”). Ukraine and Russia have had some disagreements since the split in 1991, but they have gotten along fairly well since signing a Friendship Treaty in 1997 (“Ukraine Profile – Timeline”). With Russia and …show more content…
According to Aljazeera, the first deaths in the protests came on January 22, 2014, when two protesters were “hit with live ammunition”, and a third was also killed during a fall (“Timeline: Ukraine’s”). The violence continues on February 18, when at least 18 people were killed and almost 100 more were injured in clashed with police (“Timeline: Ukraine’s). The deadliest days by far came on February 20 and 21 when almost a hundred people were killed. A video captures “government snipers shooting at protesters from rooftops (“Timeline: Ukraine’s”). The latest violence seemed to be the last straw for the Ukrainian parliament. An article by Reuters states that Ukraine’s parliament voted to remove Yanukovich on February 22. On the same day, Yanukovich fled the capital and went into hiding (“Timeline: Political Crisis”). A few days later Yanukovich is charges with “mass murder” for the deaths of protesters and a warrant is issued for his arrest (“Timeline: Political Crisis”). Russia entered the picture in late February in Crimea. Crimea is a peninsula located on the southern tip of Ukraine and east of Russia. Most estimates say around 60% of Crimea’s citizens are ethnic Russians (“Ukraine Profile – Overview”). According to Reuters, government buildings were seized, and the Russian flag was raised on February 27. On the next day, 2 airports in Crimea were also taken over (“Timeline: Political

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