The Creation of Israel Was a Mistake Essay

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Has there ever been a day where your home has just been taken from you? Life as a Jewish refugee in the Middle East was definitely a difficult thing during and after WWII because there was so much fighting between nations. The Jewish people just wanted a homeland so they could be free from persecution. The Arab people that were already living in the existing state of Palestine were extremely upset with the attempt to form the Jewish state of Israel; other countries that weren’t interested with the countries assisting the Jewish people used the Arab’s anger and resentment to their advantage. The Jews needed a homeland free from persecution because after the Holocaust, none of the countries surround Germany wanted to take the Jewish people …show more content…
Russia at the time was controlled by the Soviets. When they attacked the Jews in Israel, they had no idea that the American and British forces had decided to back up the Israeli people (Lewis). Myths had arisen that the Soviets wouldn’t act against the U.S. if they stated they were opposed to the British and French forces as well as the creation of the Jewish state of Israel (Lewis). This gave the U.S. a lot to worry about, be threatened by one of the biggest superpower or support people who just went through the worst case of genocide in history. The Arabs that had already been living in the Arab state of Palestine were intensely bitter towards the Jewish people because they felt that they had stolen their homeland. The land that was later going to be Israel was originally known as Palestine, which was inhabited by Arab people (Pierce). The Jewish people that planned to turn the Arab state of Palestine into a Jewish state of Israel believed that that land was their rightful homeland; they couldn’t convince the Arabs there due to the fact that the Arabs had been living there for numerous years prior (Pierce). If anyone had distaste towards the Jewish people, it was the Arabs. The Arab inhabitants had no concern for the Jewish people or its faith because just like Hitler, they didn’t look at the Jewish people as people (Oren). Arabs who practice the Islamic faith seem to have a constant hatred towards the Jewish people because of them ‘stealing their homes.’ Most

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