The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire Essay

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The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire

In this paper I will explain why revolt by the labor against capital in Second Empire France failed. To explain the situation, I will use
Marx's theory of capital accumulation as he presents it in {Capital}. Also important in the theoretical description of this phenomena is the role of tradition and the way its restraints deviate from those of the economy in this French society. Based on this description I will discuss how the function of management is enforced by the economy and traditions inherent in a society. From these considerations I will suggest additional elements and relationships necessary for social relations change to transcend the institutional conditions
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This theoretical approach, besides accounting for the unit act, describes the process of interaction between norma- tive and conditional elements. The normative elements are positively inter-dependant with the conditional and non- normative elements in a specifically determined way. This is more specifically ennunciated by the cybernetic model where there are at least two parts; energy and informa- tion. The first controls or regulates the second while the second conditions, or limits, the first. This model may be used to find tendencial chang by showing the limits and range where the variables of the economy, polity and ideology interact. (Gould, "Marx=
Weber":1-5) Analysis of the elements and the tendencial interrelatedness should present an accurate theory of social change.

The set of social relationships, patterns and subsequent restraints between capital and labor as described by Marx's rendition of the capitalist logic of production are clearly manifest in late nineteenth century France. Marx maintains that the capitalist is forced by competitive pressure to maximize the surplus value present in the labor power. This surplus value is the amount over and above the cost to reproduce labor which is extracted in the process of a working day. In order to achieve this end, the capitalist increases production by either adding new machinery or devaluing labor power.

Among the coal fields

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