The Cinderella Man Essay examples

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The Great Depression of the 1930’s caused widespread poverty, but the popular culture of the time did not reflect this. People wanted to escape from this harsh time so movies, dancing and sports became very popular. Radios broadcasted boxing matches and boxers became stars. The heavyweight champion James J. Braddock aka “Cinderella Man,” gained popularity. James Braddock gained fame by winning many fights and proving everyone wrong when they said he was too old and couldn’t win.
James Braddock took his father’s lessons to heart when he practiced fighting in the old schoolyard before he reached his teenage years. He practiced for several years to be an amateur fighter. When Braddock first started boxing he avoided professional competitions
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Joe Gould found fights for Braddock to help feed his wife and children. Braddock was at his worst when finally things started getting better, he had a major comeback. That’s when Damon Runyon gave Braddock his nickname the “Cinderella Man”. He was given the nickname because of his fairytale like rise to a poor local fighter to the boxing champion of the world. In October of 1934, Braddock had been given the lucky opportunity to fight John Griffin who was also known as Corn. Everyone was amazed and John Griffin was very upset when Braddock knocked him out in the third round.
June 13th of 1935, was the day James Braddock fought Max Baer for the name of the heavyweight champion. Before the fight Baer said “I don’t want to fight The Cinderella Man because I’m so scared I will kill him.” Everyone thought for sure Braddock was too old and couldn’t win against Baer. After a heartbreaking 15 rounds James J. Braddock won the heavyweight championship and became the heavyweight champion for two years. Braddock proved every single person wrong that ever underestimated him. No matter what people said Braddock still didn’t let anyone’s opinions get him down, he was admired by many people because he wasn’t the typical boxer. The Cinderella Man showed people to never give up and he was an inspirational person. He wasn’t conceited or anything in that category, he had natural talent and a good personality, and he

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