The Cause Essay

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The Cause

Violent crimes occur for many different reasons. Students who rampaged through the high schools throughout the United States have all said to have one thing in common; their peers did not respect the attackers. These students say they have felt bullied, or not belonging or not fitting in to what the “popular” standards are. So why resort to anger? Many said it feels it gives them the respect that they were deprived of and what they felt they deserved. These students make national and world news headlines, and they feel they have power and control when resorting to violence. Other reasons include drugs and gangs, which are at the top of the list followed by disagreements.


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According to Daya Singh Sandhu, author of Alienated Students: Counseling Strategies to Curb School Violence, who conducted a survey in 212 high schools, said of those schools, 17 were considered “trouble makers.” All 17 of these students were said to have very similar characteristics.

• Intelligence - These students were not under the below-average category of IQ, but were all said to have lack of motivation and/or interest.

• Alienation - Most of these students came from broken homes caused by death, divorce, etc., most of which felt a sense of alienation from others.

• Lack of responsibility - Most of the students have never had responsibility in their life and never felt pride in any self-accomplishment.

• Adult life experiences - These students have been exposed to the “real world,” and have had sexual experiences.

• Drug abuse - Almost all these students were using some form of alcohol or drug to ease the pain of alienation. Those who could not afford it used gasoline and other products.

• No sense of guilt - These students felt no guilt as to committing acts of wrongdoing, however, did feel good about themselves after these acts were accomplished.

• Involvement in gangs - The students lacked love from their parents, and gangs became their family.

• Not trusting others - The student’s trust had been betrayed too many times, and they had been ignored by the people closest in their lives.

• Use of weapons -

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