The British Government's Decision to Evacuate Children from Britain’s Major Cities at the Start of the Second World War

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The government evacuated children from major cities in Britain to safer areas of the country in response to a new style of warfare that had emerged from World War One, due to the use of aircraft. Aircraft began to target industrial areas in an attempt to damage a country’s economy, and therefore damage their ability on the front line, and morale. However, accuracy was bad and so bombs often landed off target and injured civilians who worked or lived in the industrial areas. The Government decided that the children needed to be protected as they were the next generation and fewer child deaths meant higher morale for the British people. Bombs were less likely to fall on rural areas of Great Britain and so the government decided to evacuate …show more content…
The country was divided into three zones, classified as either ‘evacuation’, ‘reception’, or ‘neutral’, with priority evacuees being moved from evacuation areas to reception areas and nobody being evacuated from or into neutral areas. Young evacuees needed schooling, so the Ministry of Education was also heavily involved with the evacuation arrangements. Teachers were evacuated with the children to help the teachers in the countryside cope with the extra students. The arrival of large numbers of people from inner city areas brought inevitable problems of adjustment for both sides. The government anticipated bombing from the sky because it had been tried and tested in other incidents in the years leading up to the war.
On 19th January 1915 Germans used two zeppelins to bomb Britain. One was over Great Yarmouth and the other was over King’s Lynn. Nobody had ever seen anything like them before, and it hadn’t occurred to anyone that Britain needed to be defended against attacks from the air. Huge airships, hovering, almost silently, over towns terrified civilians. During 1915 zeppelins made twenty raids on England and killed 188 civilians, more were injured. From May 1917 the Germans began using the Gotha IV bomber aircraft. This was specially designed to destroy as much as possible and really scared the British public. Many factory workers lived very close to their place of work so that travel time for getting to work was reduced. Since accuracy was not good, they were

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