The Basics of Socialism and Communism Essay

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The Basics of Socialism and Communism

The radical political essay, Communist Manifesto- written by the German revolutionary philosopher Karl Marx, addresses numerous sociological problems of the 1800’s. In it, Marx basically calls for a proletariat, or working class, revolt and the installation of communism. Communism, also known as “scientific socialism”, like the latter name points out, is derived from socialism. These two complicated theories both yield a government that as autonomous political system has the responsibility to govern its country with the people's best interest as the priority. The Communist Manifesto and these ideas, however, can be best understood with an explanation of socialism and communism.
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Nevertheless, socialism never really progressed into a governing political system because the wealthy capitalists that resulted from the Europe’s Industrial Revolution were benefiting from the class inequalities. Likewise, uneducated and oppressed workers were not able to understand and therefore support socialism.[iv]

Meanwhile, in the mid 1800’s Karl Marx, who originally was a socialist collaborated with Frederich Engels and together the two wrote first official communist document, the Communist Manifesto. However, the origins of Marx and Engels ideas date back to Plato. In his book, The Republic, Plato thought that to best pledge allegiance to the state, one “would own no private property and would live communally.” [v] Later, Thomas Moore, the Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant, Louis Blanc, and Britain’s Robert Owen all came to the conclusion that the workers of the world should establish equal and common ownership of property. Although, these men possessed similar ideas to Marx’s and Engels’, the real and significant factor that prompted the writing of the Communist Manifesto was the horrid working conditions that the working class was forced to endure. Marx and Engels argued that such oppression causes class struggles, which occur in every

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