Essay about The Awakening by Kate Chopin

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A theme in which plays an important part in the novel, The Awakening, is that choices have inevitable consequences. This is connected with Realism because a big belief in Realism is; ethical choices are often the subject, character is more important than action and plot. In multiple cases in this novel, the reader sees the type of choices the characters make and the effects and outcomes that follow after them. Also in some ways, people change their personality and their change in character adds a part in their future. Leonce choice of how he views Edna and he treats her have an effect on him and consequences on and her. Edna is a big part of this novel being the main protagonist and all of her ethical choices that have an enormous …show more content…
This will also cause damage to their family as Edna will want to leave Leonce. This shows how the choices people make will have inevitable consequences.
One of the many choices that Edna makes that have consequences is the choice of wanting to be with Robert. Throughout Edna’s life she always has trouble with relationships and choosing the right people, this includes her marriage with Leonce as well. Edna realizes that she does not having feelings for Leonce at all. This could be due to the times she spends with Robert Lebrun. It isn’t until she meets Robert that she finds a man she is in love with. She loves Robert because she enjoys having time with him and just loves him for who he is. This makes Edna want to have a relationship with Robert, however, this action will cause repercussions. Edna is unaware of it but this will be the start of a chain reaction of actions and their ruthless effects. Since Edna has feeling for Robert, Robert notices and he becomes magnetized by her beauty. The feelings intensify as they each finally admit their love for each other, however there is one problem. Robert wishes to have Edna’s hand in matrimony. This poses a problem because Edna does not want to be tied down by marriage. The entire purpose of Edna leaving Leonce was to not be tied down anymore. “You have been a very foolish boy, wasting your time dreaming of impossible things when you

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