The Associations Between Psychological Distress and Body Mass Index Among Young Adults

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9. Background:
Young adults all over the world face a great deal of difficulties in their daily life. This age group contain high school student, college students, and post graduates. Being a student is not as comfortable as many people might imagine. The kind of stress they have is unique because it is prolonged and whenever finish, starts again. Doing assignments, studying for midterms, deciding their specialties, looking for jobs, and initiating their life careers are examples of the stressors they might face. Moreover, the final exams remain the biggest stressor for the students, because they make them stressed continuously throughout the year to prepare well for it. This stress affects the general health as well as the academic
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In general, the social stigma behind mental diseases have prevented people from seeking help when needed. This explains the lack of psychological health studies info from Saudi Arabia and the estimated high prevalence of sub clinical psychological cases.
This paper discusses the association between Psychological distress and BMI for the first time in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The population of interest in this paper is young adults, which is a population with distinctive number of factors that could affect the results of this study. However, the increasing rate of incidence and prevalence of obesity in Saudi Arabia is associated with the idea of a greater affluence, which will negatively affect the upcoming generation. Saudi Arabia is a young nation. The young adults constitute about 65.73% of the total population, in the meantime, predicting a worsen situation in the near future, if we carry on with these believes. In addition, this study aims to spread the awareness about the psychological disorders, the importance of seeking help, and eradicating the social stigma associated with it.
10. Objectives of the study:
10.1 Aim:
To find an association between psychological distress and BMI among young adults, A cross sectional study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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