Technology and Catching Child Pornography Users Essay

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In this society today, fathers of children all the way to school psychologists are being caught with child pornography today. The crime for child pornography has been becoming a very serious situation and has led to 4,000 arrests, 1,600 people charged and 1,200 convictions. What new technology does is create opportunities to do as a job that customers want done, such as helping police find crimes on the internet. The arrests in child pornography have majorly increased based on the help of technology in society today, the help of online chat rooms, high-technology-based police work, and a simple white van.
One of the main concerns in the world with the problem of child pornography is the new and improved online chat rooms. “As the world
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By catching predators in online chat rooms, the Vigilante Web Site Perverted Website is able to get the child pornography users more efficiently. Hackel, the main contributor to this organization, says to “fight internet crimes, Hackel uses volunteers who are trained at catching predators in online chat rooms” (Schultz 3). The Perverted Justice has a system of catching these child pornographer users and viewers by using the internet chat rooms as a weapon, thanks to these trained individuals. To sum it up, the Vigilante Website Perverted Justice System uses trained adult volunteers to surf the local online chat rooms to find the adults who seek to engage in “live” sexual behavior with the young innocent teenagers and catch these nasty predators.
Another great idea the people in this society has come up with around child pornography issue today involves the help of high-technology in this society now. The high-technology-based police work “will now, invariably, involve the use of a computer, a hardware peripheral, or a portable, removable media compatible with computer use” (Thomson 1) to find child pornographer users and watchers even better. Although they are finding these predators, another problem has occurred with the criminals who are caught, which is suicide. Jason Coombes, who has been engaged in computer crime trials since 1994, states in this article how he “highlighted a case of Commodore David White, who was accused of accessing

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