Suicide Essay

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     Suicide amongst young people has increased greatly in the past 25 years in the US( young men and women 15-24)
Women and suicide has increased the least with 250 percent, men has soared to over 300 percent. The US is now ranked the highest in the world for suicide.

     Until recently suicide amongst the young men and women accounted for less than 5 percent of suicide. It has increased with the increase in population of youth. Young men 15-24 now account for more than 20 percent of the male suicides. Young women are responsible for 14 percent of women suicides. So approximately 7,000 women commit suicide a year and males are up to 20,000 suicides, yearly.
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If you want to die, I think at any age you are willing to. You will do what you want, when you want, where and why you want. There is no stopping you, unless you get help. This is one thing many do not seek nor do they want it or think they need it.

     The word manipulative is nowhere used more pejoratively than with regard to suicide. More important, it is used incorrectly to imply that a suicide is not serious. It should be kept in mind that fatal suicide attempts are often made by people who are hoping to influence or manipulate the feelings of other people even though they will not be around to witness the success or failure of the efforts.

     Everyone has the choice of what they are going to do.
Everyone can make their own decisions and need no influences from others. But more times than less, suicides are attempted by influences of others’ attitudes and actions, sometimes even opinions. Not any one person can wake up one morning and decide, for no apparent or not so clear reason, they want to die. There are always reasons, but no one takes the time to seek them out.

     They always tend to say, that one was week, or they couldn’t cope. Even if that is far from the truth. Suicide is a right you have, but it isn’t the solution to anything. It gets you nowhere, it doesn’t help you out in anyway. You need to deal with comflicts head

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