Essay on Struggle Between Slavery and Christanity

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How can the particularly monstrous slave owners who possess such a despicable stance towards slaves portray themselves to be fully devoted Christians? In this interpretation, Frederick Douglass attempts to address the issues between slavery and Christianity that he had to undergo during his era as a slave. He reveals how the slaveholders during that time span aimed to make a connection by linking the two in order to justify their misbehavior and wickedness towards slaves. Their behavior was undeniable to him and he was repulsed by the way they had no courtesy for the truth of religion. This made him interrogate his faith and judgment in Christianity an insufficient number of times. His master Thomas Auld is a prime example. Master Thomas …show more content…
Another example of a hypocrite slaveholder as a Christian is Mr. Covey. He recounted Mr. Covey by uttering “Poor man! Such was his disposition, and success at deceiving, I do verily believe that he sometimes deceived himself into the solemn belief, that he was a sincere worshipper of the most high God” (1210). Mr. Covey would sing hymns and glorify God in the most sincere and heartfelt way. Douglass was perplexed because how can someone be such a devoted Christian and still thinks that having slaves and owning them is a virtuous thing to do. Douglass think Mr. Covey is more of a delusional Christian with a false impression because Mr. Covey thought that he was actually doing a good deed by owning slaves. Mr. Covey even once stated that he felt really guilty because he compelled and obliged one of the women that were a slave to commit adultery and used her as a breeder to produce more slaves. However, he seemed to be quite pleased with how it turned out especially when the woman had the twins, no matter how miserable the poor woman was. One of the most eloquent arguments that Douglass makes was when he shouted, “I am left in the hottest hell of unending slavery. O God, save me! God, deliver me! Let me be free! Is there any God? Why am I a slave? I will run away. I will not stand it. Get caught, or get clear, I'll try it. I had as well die with ague as the fever. I have only one life to lose. I had as well be killed running as die standing” (1211). Sometimes Douglass

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