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Stones from the River 1. Synopsis of “Stones from the River”

Trudi Montag was growing up during the World Wars in Burgdorf, Germany. She lived with her father, Leo, and helped him run their pay library. When she was young her mother, Gertrude, went insane, and died at the asylum. Trudi could remember how her mother used to run away, and after her father carried her home, he would lock her up in the attic, to try to prevent her from escaping again. She always did escape, and Trudi usually found her outside, hiding under the stairs. Trudi would spend time with her mother in the attic, or under the stairs. In the attic, the two would play with the paper dolls Leo gave his wife, and Gertrude would teach Trudi how to escape from
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George’s mom wanted a girl, so she dressed George in stockings and blouses, and refused to cut his hair. The children shunned him for looking like a girl, so George also had no friends like Trudi. One day Trudi convinced George to let her cut his hair, and he agreed. His mother was very mad, but George looked a boy, and the other boys began to be friends with him. Trudi was mad at herself for cutting his hair and as George began to play with the boys, their friendship soon diminished. Trudi became friends with Eva Rosen, the Doctor’s daughter. Eva showed Trudi her birthmark that was on her chest, and Trudi went and told everyone. Eva stopped talking to Trudi the day at school when the girls pinned Eva against a wall to see her birthmark. Trudi was tormented by the children in school for being a dwarf, and when the four boys from her class found her spying on them, they took her into a barn, and each proceeded to touch Trudi as she tried to scream for help. George was one of the boys, but could not bring himself to torment Trudi like the others did.

Trudi’s next friend was Ingrid, a very pious girl. She and Trudi got along great, except Trudi was jealous of Ingrid because she was tall, pretty, and had a good body. Ingrid hated her body and how she looked which made Trudi very mad. Trudi and Ingrid went dancing one night with Klaus Malter, who liked Ingrid. Ingrid refused to like any man because she wanted to join a convent. Klaus

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