Stem Cell Treatment Essay

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Crash! The screech of metal on metal. And then solid blackness envelops you. You wake up five days later in hospital to be told by the doctor that you can never walk again. Why? In the crash, your spinal cord was injured. With neurons unable to regenerate, you are paralyzed until you dying day. The discovery of stem cells approximately one decade ago has proven to be one of the most important breakthroughs of the 21st century. A stem cell is a somatic cell that has not been differentiated into a cell with a specific function. The use of human stem cells as a form of modern medical treatment is not only highly useful, it is also ethically acceptable. The use of human somatic and embryonic stem cells is a highly beneficial procedure which …show more content…
Though cardiac muscle is muscle tissue, its specialized structure based on the function which it carries out cannot be healed by the body. The use of stem cells, cultured, harvested, and injected to the site of the muscle death has the potential to heal this, by generating into cardiac muscle tissue, and blood vessels which will attach themselves to the preexisting blood vessels. An example of this is “in 2003, Brazil conducted the world’s first clinical trial using bone marrow stem cells injections to treat 21 patients with advanced heart failure” (McMahon, Singer, Daar & Thorsteinsdóttir, 863). This trial provided positive results to the degree in which Brazil started a $6 million US stem cell trial for more than one form of cardiac disease (McMahon, Singer, Daar & Thorsteinsdóttir, 863). Contrary to the common belief, all stem cells do not only originate from an embryo. There exists a certain class of cells which exist inside of a mature human being called induced pluripotent stem cells. Otherwise known as iPS cells, these cells reside in the germ layer of any tissue, and have the capacity to become cells of the tissue which they live within. These cells are able to be harvested without any damage o the person from whom they originate. The cells can then be stimulated to then specialize into any type of cell. An example of the use of this method is the use of

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