Standard Availability to Formal Education: Humanity’s Investment to Itself

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It is in the interest of all humanity that standard availability to formal education be made available to all humanity regardless of color, creed, class, and so forth. There are many adjectives in life such as race, religion, and economic status that falsely lead humanity into believing they are the adjectives that divide humanity as they separate us into hierarchy classes, but in truth, the real divider of humanity is ignorance. Establishing standard availability of formal education to all humanity is key to uniting humanity and increasing life quality for all. We are lucky to live in a nation where at least pre-k through the 12th grade education is acknowledged as a basic human right. From birth, the majority of us are taught if we …show more content…
I regularly was using drugs and alcohol, had no steady work, and relying on my body to earn me the things I needed or wanted. I increasingly became depressed and rapidly gained weight which made it more difficult to flash some skin to support my habits, and that is probably what began the turning point for my life. I saw my abusers in myself, and that was not who I wanted to be. I earned my GED, but still did not have means to survive independently. My “partner” at the time was part of the problem, and I knew I could not survive living with my parents again, so I took a chance on a random guy from the Internet who was looking for a wife and living in Long Island, New York. I did not see any other out, and he promised me love. Of course, that was not what I got. He turned out to be a white-supremacist, sexist who thought a woman should neither be educated nor work, who raped and abused me upon my starting work as a teacher’s aide for a special needs school and my enrollment at the local college. It was not until my far more educated friends made me see I could actually have a safe life, urged me to leave, took me in, and forced me to seek help for my situation in life that I was able to begin working and functioning well in normal society. I began college, and since then, I have noticed in my life I have gained much more structure, confidence, healthy habits, interconnection with society, and power to make change. In America, while my story of

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