Essay on Solid Axle versus Independent Front Suspension

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There are many differences between solid axles and independent front suspension and how they are both widely used throughout the four-wheel drive world whether on a truck or an SUV and even from the roughest terrain to cruising down the highway. The different types of axle also affects the way a truck or SUV handles while towing a heavy load down the road, either gravel or on a paved surface. Solid axles are most usually built using top grade materials such as chromoly and high tensile Pittsburg steel. The Dana 44 and the Dana 60 front axles are mostly used for trial riding and high-speed use in a mud hole or at a 4x4 drag race. These axles have been tested and proven to hold up to the axle manufacturers standards and when stock can …show more content…
This axle is a favorite of rock crawlers and mudders abroad because they are built so well and can take such a beating. Although they are big, bulky, and hard to break, they do often break. Say if the mug bog was holding a drag race. The large axle wasn’t built to take 1,000+ horsepower coming from a highly built gasoline or even straight alcohol motor. This much horsepower output often twists drive shafts and mangles drivelines and axle-shafts and on occasion will strip or even shred the gears within the differential. On the other hand, the independent front suspension can provide and extremely smooth ride on or off the trail when compared to that of a straight axle. When used for rock crawling, the independent front suspension provides a lot of flex which allows the vehicle to maneuver throughout the tight and twisty trails. But when used for mudding or even drag racing, the independent front suspension performs very poorly. The IFS or independent front suspension has two axle shafts that opposed to the straight axle, are exposed to the elements and often get caked with mud. There are four rubber casings called “boots” on the ends of each axle-shaft. When regularly exposed to the elements including mud and water and dirt or dust, they can dry-rot and crack or bust which can lead to all of the grease within which makes the axle-shaft turn smoothly, to drip and run out leaving absolutely no

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