Snow Essay

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Snow lures readers into the distant land of Turkey. A country rampant with poverty and political turmoil. While snow drifts into every chapter of the novel, our heroine, Ka, relates his emotions and ideas with snow. Snow represents the good and bad emotions Ka encounters during his short stay in Kars. The endless snow surrounding Kars is a nuisance to the inhabitants of the city, but to Ka the sight of pure white snowflakes falling from the winter sky reminds him of God. Snow can epitomize some of the darkest and saddest emotions man can have. Orhan shrewdly uses snow to not only paint Ka's thoughts, but also illustrate the dark feeling abused citizens have against their heartless government. Even though this book is based in the early …show more content…
Right from the start, snow shows itself as representing isolation. John de Falbe simply says " Snow isolates people." The same isolation the people of Turkey feel from their own government. The same government that only wants to shove a different culture and lifestyle into Turkish homes. Political leaders don't listen to the pleas of the people. They only care about money and actively accept bribes from the wealthy to cripple the unfortunate even more. Updike best describes the condition of Kars in his statement: "Unemployed men to sit endlessly in teahouses." Not only does the Turkish isolate its own people, but the world finds no time to consider their country's plight. "Now as poor and backward as anywhere in Turkey" (de Falbe) tells us Ka is no different from any other city in Turkey. Historically an Armenian city, Kars became part of the Turkish empire after seeing a very bloody history. After Turkey closed its borders from the Armenians, the city suffered considerable economic and political losses. A once prosperous border city overflowing with trade became instantly silent. Only after gaining reports of several Islamic girls committing suicide in Kars does the world " get interested" (Julian Evans) enough to send Ka to investigate. Entrapped by winter snow, the city is completely inaccessible by the media or government. A plan to revolutionize the people of Kars is set into motion. People,

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