Essay about Sexuality Education in America

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Sexuality Education in America

What do the American people as a whole want their youth to be taught about sex? That is the ongoing question that not only state and federal governments are asking, but also local school districts, churches, and parents of all aged children. In the early twentieth century, disputes focused on whether or not to teach sexuality education at all; while currently it has shifted to which method is more successful in the school curriculum.

Sexuality education does not just solely include the education of the sexual act itself and the diseases associated with it, but also the way us as humans feel we are as people; how we dress, talk, move, and the way we feel towards others (Families). Sex education and
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The foundation of this program is based on religious beliefs; with its supporter's main argument expressing that sexual intercourse before marriage is immoral and inappropriate (Baer). They also powerfully stress that abstinence is the only one-hundred percent effective method against unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Abstinence-only programs teach sexual expression outside of marriage has harmful social, psychological, and physical consequences (Baer). The topics of abortion, morning after pills, and sexual orientation are highly avoided or omitted completely. The program teaches that carrying the pregnancy full term and giving the child up for adoption is the only morally correct option (Baer).

Sexually transmitted diseases are discussed. Graphic pictures and examples are usually shown. Often facts about some diseases are withheld; for example, they tell the horrible effects of the disease but do not share the cure or medications offered for each

disease. This is often done purposely to use STDs as scare tactics for teens to remain abstinent (Wiley).

Abstinence-Only programs also all share the belief that by educating teens on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases it is only

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