Scrying Oracles of Divination. Essay

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Divination has been in use for centuries to gain insight or some knowledge of what is yet to come. The means to do this are vast, from the natural tools found in nature to man-made tarot cards and Ouija boards. These crafts fulfill mankind’s innate desire to foretell future events; a chance glimpse of happy times or impending doom and disaster. Many of the most enduring methods of this ancient practice incorporate the use of natural objects, such as crystals, herbs, the human palm, and astrology. How do these methods work? What knowledge can be gained from reading one’s palm or reading the stars? Throughout ancient history, stones and crystals have been held in high regard for their magical properties. One of the most common and well …show more content…
Palm reading is, essentially, a type of language. To “read” the palm, one must first memorize and recognize the individual characters and their meanings. Tre McCamley’s Palm Decoder offers many illustrations of these secret meanings. For example, McCamley states that “…rising branches from the Fate Line [the center, vertical line of the palm] can indicate that the hand’s owner will become self-employed” (94). In addition to providing predictions about an individual’s destiny, the hands can also give insight into their personality. A square palm, combined with short fingers, for instance, indicates cautiousness (McCamley, 48). As an individual becomes more adept with palm reading more insight can be gained, from past life occurrences to finding one’s soul mate. In his book Karmic Palmistry, author Jon Saint-Germain illustrates the connection between palmistry and karma; a philosophy that is very popular in Middle Eastern culture. It is believed that at birth both hands are similar but that as an individual matures the dominant hand holds the most likely outcome of fate and the passive hand holds the knowledge of what was meant to be at birth. Karma’s influence and life experiences change the outcome depicted in the dominant hand (Germaine, 101). Astrology is the most recognizable divination tool we see today. It has

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