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In a small café on a cool frosty night, in a remote Italian town. It is here at the back of the room with a flickering candle in the middle of the table where we notice a small gathering of theorists sitting around a small table. It is here that Cesare Beccaria, Emile Durkheim, and Cesare Lombroso have come to discuss crime, punishment, and their theories regarding this topic. They recount their history, thoughts, and the processes underlying what they had discovered. Lombroso: Good Evening

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This last group are people who are pulled into the crime scene by environmental influences. It’s this last lot of criminaloids that I believe, constitutes most of the criminal population in society.

Beccaria (nods sagely): Interesting Cesare please tell us more.

Lombroso: Well Cesare while I was conducting my study between criminals and normal individuals, I utilised the esthesiometer and the craniometer to help me study the skull. It’s a fascinating piece of machinery and the research was very interesting. I myself am more of a positivist theorist, and with my studies, I was looking for the facts. The study itself was looking more at the criminal himself not the crime he had committed. Therefore, I would argue that those? criminals were biological throwbacks from an earlier evolution stage.

Beccaria: Well I myself being an Italian philosopher and politician am more of the classical theorist. So I believe it is the person, which engages in the process of becoming a criminal and not society or the environment? What would interest me more would be to hear what you two think about crime and punishment especially corporal punishment. To my mind, it is not possible for someone to learn from their mistakes or rehabilitated, if they have been put to death. As I myself do not believe in the death penalty, I feel that there should be longer jail sentences (Beccaria, 1767/1994).

Lombroso: From my research, I think that some people committed crime for
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