Essay about Sacrificing Personal Identity

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How would it feel to be brought into the world where lives are predestined or real life situations are constructed to work in order to benefit society as a whole? Within the book, Brave New World and the movie, The Truman Show, the theme of sacrificing personal identity in order to benefit society runs throughout each work. The ideas and opinions of the public coincide harmoniously as the society they live in. Bernard Marx and John Savage are two predominant characters of Brave New World. Both are outcasts of the World State because of their differing opinions from the rest of the “conditioned” society. Truman, the protagonist of The Truman Show also is at loss because he was unaware of the false reality he was living. Marx, Savage and …show more content…
Most importantly, he was born of natural birth. He had not gone through the decanting and conditioning process. His ideology was brought about completely naturally. John’s inability to express his true being results in him taking his life. Both Marx and John are clearly distinct with their altering opinions of the World State and their personal identities must be sacrificed in order for society to work what the controllers find stable. Burbank Truman had been living what he thought as a genuinely happy life. But all his steps were more or less controlled by executive producer, Christof. Truman faced all situations as he would honestly handle them, but all these situations were prompted in order for viewers of the television show to see his true emotions. He was corrupted into thinking traveling was wrong. This included killing his father in a fishing “accident” to make him fear the ocean. Truman does not control his life, the media does. He is given a certain career, wife and fears. Christof says to Truman that,” I know you better than you know yourself.” Truman had been misled his whole life into thinking it was real. He was fed lies and any chance of him finding out the truth was covered strategically by television show producers. Although contrary to what avid viewers of the show and the cast think, Truman was not living an authentic life. The controllers of each work had their own reasons to why they sacrificed personal identities for the common

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