Essay Russia and Ukraine: The Beginning of World War III?

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1945 marked the end of World War II, a devastating mark on the history of humankind, but one we have managed to overcome. 69 years have passed and humans have advanced both in the fields of technology and emotion. We have begun to accept once frowned upon ideals such as marriage between two of the same gender and interracial relationships, and have been more open to the needs and concerns of those in other countries. But is our worldly compassion and understanding soon coming to an end due to Russia's devious political schemes with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych? Yanukovych has created the issues plaguing Ukraine by rejecting an economic deal with the European Union. The deal would have been beneficial to the Union, which was …show more content…
These protests were calm happenings at their start, but quickly matured to violence in February of 2014. Reports of 77 deaths in 48 hours with nearly 600 made headlines around the world, signaling to other countries the horrible circumstances that those in Ukraine are fighting in order to receive a stable economy. As the conflicts increased, the government and opposition agreed upon an amnesty for arrested protestors, but only if the demonstrators vacated captured government buildings. The opposition has also agreed that Ukrainian parliament would discuss changing the Constitution to reduce the power of the president, but when it was made public that the topic was declined to be on the agenda, the protestors' passion was rekindled and they marched on parliament (“Why Is Ukraine in Turmoil?”). The protest in Kiev is looked upon as one of the worst in the history of Ukraine, simply due to the bloodshed. The Orange Revolution, 2004, was the first time the Ukrainian citizens took a stand against fraudulent voting measures that reelected Yanukovych, in which the citizens won leading to the victory of pro-European candidate Viktor Yushchenko (Kashi). Even during this so called “revolution”, officers did not fire upon citizens. In stark contrast, riot police and military personnel quickly targeted the opposition during the February 2014 riots. Videos have appeared on YouTube that show government guards battling with regular

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