Review of the Film Django Unchained Essay

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Django Unchained, directed by Quentin Tarantino’s is what you would call a spaghetti western. The name ‘spaghetti western’ originally was a term used to reduce the value of something. American westerns were considered to be on a higher scale than spaghetti westerns. Django Unchained is set in the American South, two years before the civil war, telling the story of the freed slave Django who goes on a killing spree in the name of revenge to rescue his wife Brunhilda from the cruel plantation master that owns her. I thought it was interesting how this movie made the freed slave one of the protagonist seeking revenge. The character, who allows Django to take revenge, is Dr. King Schultz a German-American dentist/bounty hunter. Through …show more content…
Like most heroes of westerns, problems are solved through violence and violent confrontation. When Django finds the Brittle brothers he does not hesitate to brutally execute the brothers in the name of revenge and a sense of what is morally right. Death is explored as the traditional western shoot them up style, which Tarantino expands on with elaborate gory details. There are many scenes of over the top explosive shoot outs where the cotton fields turn a bright red. These types of deaths still hold true to the western genre as intended.
Violence and masculinity seems to go hand in hand in Django Unchained. Dr. King Shultz shoots a man on a horse (blood sprays), then shoots a horse in the head (blood sprays) and when the horse falls to the ground, it pins its rider under it; the rider in pain screams that his leg is broken, Django steps on the horse and the man under it screams again, after Dr. King Schultz frees the four slaves they pick up large sticks, approach the pinned man and one of the men with a gun shoots him (we see a huge surge of blood). This is only the opening scene of the movie. There are many more scenes like this that would make us think this is the definition of masculinity. This is seen in many western films, with the hero taking charge and the other men follow suit.
Revenge explained with westerns in mind: some bad people that commit repeated violence against innocent people. This in

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