Essay on Relationship Violence Among Veterans

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The problem of relationship violence among veterans (who fought in war) suffering from PTSD is a growing problem that is not given enough attention to in the therapeutic field. Couples with relationship violence present in their relationship can often go through a therapy intake without any symptoms present concerning abuse presence. Therefore, it is easy to miss vital information. When dealing with any couples who have a diagnosis of PTSD, especially veterans, it is important to examine the couples extensively. Veterans who have fought in war have a hard time distancing themselves from the life they used to live, therefore, the increase in reactivity of psychological problems such as; anger, anxiety, and aggression are common. …show more content…
Also suggested by Sautter, et al., the relationship between veterans with PTSD and their partners determine the state and intensity of PTSD symptoms, therefore, a healthier relationship indicates fewer symptoms of PTSD. This is critical because it means that therapists can work on the strengthening the relationship between the couple early on to minimize symptoms of PTSD that lead to violence. Summary of articles

Article: Domestic violence in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder who seek couples therapy. This was an excellent study that examined the level of depression in veterans and how the depression often escalates into PTSD. Veterans with PTSD are found to be significantly more likely to commit a violent act against their partner. The study found a correlation in depressed veterans who mirrored the acts of veterans with PTSD. This study addressed a huge issue in the field of therapy; that veterans who suffer from depression are at risk for committing domestic violence. This is a concern in the therapy field because intake sessions are unlikely to prove findings of a correlation between depression and domestic violence; therefore therapists need to examine couples with diagnosis of depression for carefully. The study examined veteran perpetrated domestic violence in couples. This study compared combat related PTSD to major depressive disorder and adjustment disorder in veterans. The study also looked at

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