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The film “rain man” is set with two very different characters. That of Charlie, a fast-talking, money hungry con-artist, and Raymond, Charlie’s autistic brother. The film is about change and the building of a friendship and brotherhood. The focus chosen is about the relationship between Raymond and Charlie, as they leave on an adventure that will change the lives of both men.

At the very start of the film Charlie talks about “the rain man” he says “the rain man will come and make everything better again” Charlie is emotionally unstable at the beginning of the film as his father had just past away and he had been left basically nothing of a three million dollar estate. This estate has been left to a beneficiary and later
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Though the next few scenes Charlie treats Ray like an object instead of a human or especially his brother.

Charlie’s business is going broke so he needs to get back to LA. Charlie takes Ray to the airport to take an airplane to LA but Ray is scared of flying as he thinks that it is very dangerous. Charlie gave into Ray and decided to drive; this is the first time that Charlie has given into someone. Ass they were driving on the highway they came across a car accident, Ray got very nervous and hoped out of the car and started walking away. Charlie shows concern for him but whether it is for the money of because he is starting to be a brother is unclear.

Charlie is starting to understand and care for Ray’s needs, Charlie makes the room up the way that Ray likes it and gives him what he asks for. He is showing compassion for Ray. When Charlie finds out that Ray is “the rain man” he is taken back by this, because he thought that the rain man wasn’t real but he actually is and it is someone that Ray has known for a long time and he has loved him once before. Ray now leads the conversations between to two. Charlie is asking a lot of questions and Ray is answering them all, this is totally opposite from the beginning of the film.

Charlie starts to run a bath for Ray and is pulled back form the tub with Ray going “BURN BABY BURN BABY” Charlie says that he is all right but ray is still

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