Essay Psychodynamic therapy for depression

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There are many different types of psychological disorders present for diagnoses. As well as many forms of treatment methods available focused on the remedial process for the individual. Each treatment often target on a different aspect for the individual, these aspects may include personal skills and coping, cognitive, social aspects, behavioural etc… Therapies can also be combined together to improve results for the patient depending on the patient’s situation and condition. Depression is one of the conditions under mood disorders and can be very influential on the individual’s life and daily activity functioning which may lead to significant consequences if left untreated. In this paper, I will explore the topic of psychodynamic …show more content…
(Bschor, & Adli, 2008) For instance, some people may find themselves in unhealthy or destructive relationships over and over again and eventually result in depressed moods and encounter barriers in future relationships. Psychodynamic theorists suggest that such patterns of unhealthy relationships are from the individual’s childhood experiences that prevented them from developing a good, independent, positive sense of self which in result, as adults, these individuals are constantly searching for other’s approval and security in their relationships. These people may often have poor self-esteem, dependent on others and are unable to express anger openly. (Nolen-Hoeksema, & Rector, 2011, p.321-322) Psychodynamic therapy is used to treat depression because it can provide the opportunity for the patient to express their thoughts and feelings deep down either from their past experiences or from their unconscious thoughts. This may assist the individual to relieve their stress or burden by expressing their feelings and thoughts during the psychodynamic therapy sessions.
Part Two: Therapeutic Techniques The treatments of psychodynamic therapy involves the closely observation of the patient’s behaviour to analyze the sources of his or her depression. One literature stated that the “classical psychoanalytic treatment is performed with the patient lying on a couch, several times weekly, and over a long period of time.” (Bschor, & Adli, 2008)

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