Private and Corporate Vocations in Utopia by Thomas More Essay

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Private and Corporate Vocations in Utopia by Thomas More

Thomas More believed in private and corporate vocations. His beliefs are evident in his book Utopia. He said that everybody has a vocation and it is their responsibility to live up to what gifts they have been given by God. Private vocations exist with the individual person. Married, single, or religious life? Also, what kind of job one does is considered a vocation because you must use your God given gifts to perform your job correctly. Corporate vocations exist within the community and what kind of society exists.
In Utopia, a perfect society exists in which everybody has a vocation that creates a corporate vocation making a perfect society. Utopia means "no
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Obviously, they didn't have all the technology we have today, so they didn't have as many occupations as we have now.
Everybody did some farming to keep in touch with nature and creation. Keeping in touch with nature is a way of connecting to God. Not only then, but today too. Farming was the main vocation in Utopia. The people farmed to produce food so that they can eat. With this vocation came prayer because as said earlier it was a way to connect with God and creation. Farming was a private vocation.
Everybody in Utopia shared his or her wealth and physical labor. To go along with this, they also balanced work with prayer. Into that calculation, you can fit rest. There must be a balance to work as said earlier. Everyone must rest, it is part of being human. Too much rest, idleness, can be a disease, so it is imperative not to take too much rest or you will never get back to work. The time of rest for Utopians was the Sabbath. Obviously, it was the Sabbath because that's the day God says to rest in the third of his Ten Commandments.
Resting on the Sabbath could also be seen as a private vocation because it was each person's responsibility to rest and not do any work on the Sabbath. Even this vocation adds to the total corporate vocation. In this sense, it would help the community to unite together and pray with one another. All these things add to the utopian society where everyone lives in harmony. Another private vocation

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