Essay on Pornography: Prostitution or First Amendment Right

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There is a knock on the door A young woman is sitting on the bed; she is desperate, a mess. She tells the person at the door to come in. She has been sold to this man for the night, to do whatever he commands. He tells her what he wants and begins to unbuckle his belt. After a while everything is quiet, except the rustling of clothes being put on. The woman lies on the bed in shame as the man dresses and throws a wad of cash towards the young woman. In another place is a studio. In the studio a woman is sitting on a bed; she is nervous and desperate. She is in need of money. There is a voice screaming for the other actor to come in. The voice belongs to the director. All around the woman are lights, cameras, and various types of equipment. …show more content…
This was the beginning of prostitution. Men were able to hire prostitutes if they gave monetary funds to the prostitute’s temple. Temples began to have women for this specific purpose. As time progressed prostitution evolved from a religious custom to a commercial transaction. It evolved to what society views as prostitution today. It was looked down upon and eventually was banned across many civilizations. Penalties for prostitution were put in place and the penalties ranged from maiming to execution (Head). Even though prostitution is illegal in the United States, it is still thriving to this day.
As prostitution became more and more unfavorable until it was illegal, pornography was developed for men. Pornography came to rise in the 1800s, but could be found all across ancient civilizations. The first “modern” pornographic provisions were distributed as pornographic novels and written material (Pappas). The development of new technology led to the innovation of pornography into what society today views as “porn.” The development of photography and motion pictures allowed producers to produce pornography. Pornographic films became more readily available and with the development of the videocassette, the DVD, and the Internet, pornography became even easier to access. At first the material was tame, and by the 1900s “hardcore sex” appeared.

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