Play Supports Language and Literacy Development In The Foundation Stage

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'It is important to establish a definition of play and the importance of play in the development of the child. I will give an overview of the various stages of the different types of play. I shall be using theories as examples and discuss various educational studies. Moving on from there, I shall focus on how social dramatic play supports a child?s language and literacy development and how the different types of activities could support this area of learning. The importance of the adult?s role during the child?s play will be discussed. In conclusion I will discuss about the importance of play, language and literacy.

The importance of play should always be remembered when devising
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It is a process by which individuals can explicit themselves and develop a range of cognitive and social skills by interacting with their environment and other individuals. It also offers them the opportunity to apply their existing knowledge and then prolong this through thinking skills. This would involve a child being physical active, as this would provide the child with first hand experiences.

Furthermore play helps children to develop, it must be both structured and unstructured. Children need to be allowed to play independently at their own level without intervention as this allows them to develop independently and socially establishing who they are and how they feel. Educators today believe in the importance of planning play in order to level children’s development. Drake (2001) believes that children can develop through play and adult support but the support needs to be effective adult support. Adult support, in regards to children’s play, is essential and much observation is required to monitor the child’s development, this allows the practitioner to ensure the child is progressing forward with their development. Play and planning are linked in that children learn to make sense of the world around them through play- it is their work and as such should be afforded the high status and

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