Plagiarism and the Casual Plagiarist Essay examples

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Plagiarism and the Casual Plagiarist

It is a random Thursday night on the first floor of Brewster Hall and the Campus of State University when a frazzled young girl wanders into the room of a fellow student inquiring about The Stranger by Albert Camus. She needs to have a three page paper completed by tomorrow and cannot find a kick start on the essay writing process. Since her peers are on the level of the common doormat concerning Camus, she was left without any further help. However, had she just typed “the stranger, camus” into Google, three of the first ten sites listed would have directed her to either free or paid essay sites.

While this student simply sat down and worked on her paper, the option to find a
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You may not turn in our papers as your own work! You must cite our website as your source! Turning in a paper from our web site as your own is plagerism and is illegal! (

The overall quality of the papers cannot be determined without actually purchasing and viewing a paper, but the reports on the site are entirely user submitted according to the questions section of the site. The question “Are all paper’s ‘A’ quality?” is answered with: “We have a wide range of papers varying in writing skill” ( Questions). However, pre-made papers are readily available on a wide range of educational topics. Even if the papers are not ready for submission at a college level, the vast majority of the research and writing is done, so that the student can add their own personal touch to the pre-made essay for a more polished sound. Despite the potential for sub-par material and plagiarism disclaimers, there is clearly a booming market for pre-written research papers among students. In a 1995 Harper’s magazine story penned by a writer for the Canadian based Tailormade company it is said that “Orders come [to Tailormade] from Michigan, Vermont, Pennsylvania; from Illinois, Wisconsin, upstate New York, sometimes California; from Harvard, Cornell, and Brown.” (Witherspoon). This company is not a website either, students actually had to order their paper and have it sent to them. Ten years later,

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