Organisation culture Essay

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Organisation culture

Organisation culture can be defined as the collection of relatively uniform and enduring beliefs, values, customs, traditions and practices which are shared by an organisation’s members and which are transmitted from one generation of employees to the next. One view in the field of organisation culture is the culture metaphor. A metaphor is a word or phrase applied to an object or action which it does not literally denote.1 Metaphor can be powerful means of communicating ideas and are in common use in many organisations. It asserts that culture is a mental state that has to be tolerated since it is incapable of being changed by management. It adopted a phenomenological standpoint and conceptualised culture
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As globalisation quickening its pace, more and more organisations become increasingly interested in the markets outside their home countries’ boundaries. To the organisation executives, opportunities overseas indicate vast, almost infinite profit. The invisible culture barrier plays a crucial role in determine the organisation’s success in a foreign country. Therefore there are many variations in national social characteristics of organisation and management. Organization in different countries were often structured and behaved differently.
These differences were most striking when they were detected in the subsidiary companies of the same multinational organisation, because they seemed to suggest that national cultural differences may help shape organisational design and behaviour at a local level.

National culture is based primarily on differences in values which are learned in early childhood from the family. These values are strong enduring beliefs which are unlikely to change throughout the person’s life. Factors that contribute to the national cultural environment are language, political context, values/attributes, religion, legal context, education and social organisation according to Hofstede(1980) and Tayeb(1989). National culture plays an important

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