Oliver Twist: The Anchor Of Character Development Essay

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          Oliver Twist: the Anchor of Character Development
     Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist, centers itself around the life of the young, orphan Oliver, but he is not a deeply developed character. He stays the same throughout the entire novel. He has a desire to be protected, he wants to be in a safe and secure environment, and he shows unconditional love and acceptance to the people around him. These are the only character traits that the reader knows of Oliver. He is an archetype of goodness and innocence. His innocence draws many people close to him. Each
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This scene is important in Brownlows development because it describes his morals and human nature. He moves from a two dimensional character to a three dimensional character. His relationship and actions towards Oliver reveal his deepest emotions, which is what happens to all of the characters that come to understand Olivers innocent nature.                     Roses’ motives for helping Oliver reveal a deeper side of her human nature that brings the reader in close contact with her personality. She is immediately drawn towards Oliver, even though he was a part of the robbery that occurred at her aunts’ house the night before. When Miss Maylie is asked to inspect Oliver, “the thief,” she declines the offer and instead treats him with compassion saying “Poor fellow! Oh! treat him kindly, Giles, for my sake!”(263). Kindliness, charity, and compassion are immediately revealed as Roses’ personality traits before she meets Oliver. These aspects are predictable character traits for Dickens to bestow on an upper class women. She is left as a one dimensional character, but her personality continues to develop as she becomes closer with Oliver. When she first encounters Oliver she knows that she must

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