Nursing Homes Essay

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In the USA, those who have attained the age of 65 years and above are considered to be the elderly and the senior citizens. It is the age that the individual has contributed the maximum to the building of the nation and generally retires to their retirement homes in the country side, some even choose to leave the country and spend the rest of their lives outside the USA.
It is apparent that in the present generation and century, the older Americans’ population is growing faster than ever before and it is also proven that they are living longer than there before according to The Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics (2010: 17). The report further says that the 65 years old Americans can now look forward to live an average
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As a result, they end up looking for care homes that they take their elderly people as a way of helping them to retire with dignity and live a comfortable life after the active years on earth. Unfortunately, for majority of the Americans, this turns out to be ironical since they end up not being in the comfort zone and well taken care of as initially thought or intended, but leading a life that is full of isolation in many aspects ranging from the company to the medical isolation. This concept paper is aimed at divulging the extent to which the two sociological issues of nutrition and quality home care have deteriorated, look at the possible causes and reasons for this deterioration and then suggest the possible remedies to the situations so as to see a better and healthier American society.
Defining attributes
The term social isolation in the life of an elderly person does not just mean being alone, but the deprivation of the basic necessities that would otherwise be provided for in the social setting. One of the social isolation comes in the type of nursing home that the frail elderly could retire to. Choosing a nursing home can be one big challenge since most of the time, the elders are transferred to the nursing homes with the hope of getting a decent life and care but more often than not, they end up more stressed, uncomfortable, lonely and above all live in daily risks of their lives within the facilities. This is made worse most of the time with

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