Essay Newt's Regeneration Cures Eye Conditions

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Newt’s Regeneration as Basis for Permanent Cure to Eye Conditions
Vision is one of the most used senses, often taken for granted. Damage to the eyes can vary, either from outside factors. A punch to an eye can permanently damage the lens and retina. Physical injuries are numerous. The eyes can be permanently blinded by an ill placement of chemicals or a runaway spark from a bonfire. Diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration can lead to permanent blindness. On the other hand, newts can regenerate any of their organs, including eyes, once it has been damaged. As stated by Catarina Franco, “Regeneration is a complex cellular process that, rather than simply forming a scar following injury, the animal forms a new functional tissue”
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As the most used organ on a person’s body, eyes are usually abused through various ways whether it be by lack of sleep or prolonged gaming sessions. Eyes can put up with the abuse, but with constant recklessness, long term problems can occur. Although humans have natural defenses against common conditions, natural degradation and unexpected injuries can have permanent effects on the eyes. Simple problems like dryness and small debris can be alleviated with a blink of a lid, but a chemical spill can lead to a loss of vision. Natural degradation is the breaking down of the photoreceptor: cones and rods, in the eyes (Lamba, et. al., 2008). The cones and rods are located in the retina. Cones are sensitive to the color human sees while the rods are sensitive to the level of light. Once the photoreceptors starts to degrade through a disease like macular degeneration (AMD), there is no cure.
Usually, this degradation of eyesight coincides with the advancement of age. Aging is one of the factors that can lead to limited options for cure or prevention. Unfortunately, the decline of vision is not isolated to the eyes themselves, where breakdown of neurons or neural pathways can reduce vision. Diseases are not the only factors that cause degradation, disorders like Usher syndrome, retinitis pigmentosa (RP), and leber congenital amaurosis, can also experience degeneration of retinal neurons (Lamba, et. al., 2008).
More common vision conditions like myopia and

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