Essay on Network Design

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Network Design Network Design is very important when it comes to implementing a connection between a computer and a server. According to Network world Websites, Network is defined as a “connected collection or devices and end systems, such as computers and servers, that can communicate with each other”(McQuerry). Network carry data in many types of environment, such as homes, small businesses, and large enterprises. Network Locations Is one of the major factors. There are different types and locations of network exist, including network in a home or home office to communicate through the Internet, to locate information, to place orders for merchandise, and to send message to friends. Whatever the reasons are, all these …show more content…
Fundamental Design Goals consist of scalability, availability, security, and manageability. Scalability on the word of SCTE websites is a “Scalable network designs can grow to include new user groups and remote sites and can support new applications without impacting the level of service delivered to existing users”(Introducing Network Design Concepts). Availability is “one that delivers consistent, reliable performance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”(Introducing Network Design Concepts). Security is “a feature that must be designed into the network, not added on after the network is complete. Planning the location of security devices, filters, and firewall features is critical to safeguarding network resources”(Introducing Network Design Concepts) and Manageability is “No matter how good the initial network design is, the available network staff must be able to manage and support the network. A network that is too complex or difficult to maintain cannot function effectively and efficiently”(Introducing Network Design Concepts). A network diagram is also an important factor when designing a network. Furthermore, as said by Network World websites “The network diagram uses common symbols to capture information related to the network for planning, reference, and troubleshooting purposes. The amount of information and the details of that information differ from organization to organization”(McQuerry). A network diagram makes

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