Negative Affects of Imperialism in Africa in the 19th Century

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Throughout history, imperialism by one nation on another has had many negative influences on the nation being colonized. The legacy of European imperialism in Africa in the 19th century was negative. Imperialism negatively affected Africa politically, economically, and culturally.

In terms of political changes, European imperialism negatively affected Africa. Firstly, European colonization created enormous conflict between colonists and the African people. African resistance to “The Scramble for Africa” lead to the instability of Africa’s political structure. There was ineffective resistance of the African people against the Europeans. In an attempt to regain their independence, Africans took up arms against their colonial masters as
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What resulted from the Berlin Conference was the division of Africa into 50 irregular countries.4 No attention was paid to ethnic groups or existing political organizations at the time of colonization. Mark X of Moshweshewe, Chief of the Basutos, expressed his feelings in his letter to the Governor of Cape Colony, Sir George Grey. Entitled Moshweshewe: Letter to Sir George Grey, 1858 [The establishment of Basutoland], Moshweshewe addresses the colonists and shares his views towards European conquest of African land when he stated:
About twenty-five years ago my knowledge of the White men and their laws was very limited. I knew merely that mighty nations existed, and among them was the English. . . People who had come from the colony first presented themselves to us, they called themselves Boers. I thought all white men were honest. Some of these Boers asked permission to live upon our borders. I was led to believe they would live with me as my own people lived, that is, looking to me as to a father and a friend. About sixteen years since, one of the Governors of the Colony, Sir George Napier, marked down my limits on a treaty he made with me. I was to be ruler within those limits. A short time after, another Governor came, it was Sir P. Maitland. The Boers then began to talk of their rights to places I had then lent to them.5

Many African tribal leaders slowly began to realize

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