Music Therapy for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Essay

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Proposed Topic
The proposed topic is to develop an appropriate music intervention that will improve language skills in students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Because music engages the whole brain, singing improves language skills in children with ASD. Children with ASD tend to be more focused and disposed to use verbal communication through motivating musical activities that include body percussive rhythms, vocalizations, and singing (Berger, 2002). Rhythm plays an important role in language; therefore, employing singing, spoken music and pitched percussive Orff instruments enhances speech and language awareness in Children with ASD. Doctoral research will allow for developing appropriate vocal techniques, singing activities
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Nevertheless, children with ASD have excellent auditory processing skills; therefore, singing being similar to speaking, has the potential to improve language development (Wan, Ruber, Hohmann, & Schlaug, 2009).
Music has been used as a behavioral and developmental method, and it has proven positive for children with ASD (Adamek, Thaut, & Furman, 2008; Lim, 2010; Whipple, 2004). In theory, Children with ASD will benefit from music activities such as singing because music and language are processed in the left hemisphere of the brain (Kouri & Win, 2006; Hodges, 2009). In addition, music reinforces and functions as a motivator for children with ASD (Lim, 2009; Whipple, 2004).
Abridge Literature Review
This section describes the (a) characteristics of children with ASD, (b) challenges in social and language development, (c) the benefits of music therapy, as well as (d) the impact singing has on language developmental skills in children with ASD. Children with ASD share a range of diverse deficits and talents. Unusual behavior is often exhibited by children with ASD because of the lack of language skills needed for communication (Sigafoos, 2010). For this reason it is difficult for children with ASD to be “accepted” in a social environment (Gallegos, 2006). Nevertheless, it is

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